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Congratulations Matt and Liz

July 17, 2014

Liz and Matt

I’m so happy to congratulation Matt and Liz on the birth of their daughter!


Matt and Liz started with CAC in August of 2013. By the end of September their home study was completed, and in October they began the process of applying to agencies.

Several possible cases came up and they put their loving “yes” on the line a number of times.

In January, they were matched and have been eagerly waiting the birth of their daughter! They were able to build a relationship with their daughter’s birthmom and were even able to spend some time visiting her this spring.

They welcomed their daughter into the world last week and are celebrating the miracle of this precious life.

It is not often that we have families matched with a birthmom as early in her pregnancy as this one, but Matt and Liz felt a real connection and felt peace about this match.

They were blessed to build a relationship with their daughter’s birthmom and she was blessed to have their support during the majority of her pregnancy.

Today I celebrate the faithfulness of God with this beautiful family.

And there are two little munchkins at home eager to welcome home their baby sister!!


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Congratulations John and Meghan

July 13, 2014


In February, this amazing couple contacted us for help on their adoption journey. They were matched just a little over a month later.

But they would discover that being “matched” was more of a roller coaster than they had ever dreamed it would be.

In May, it appeared that this adoption would not happen.

So we began to consider other potential matches for this couple.

They were not matched.

Because God knew more than our human wisdom could begin to hold on to.

In late June, the child that they had hoped to adopt was born. They were not called to come as they had hoped and dreamed.

It appeared this child would not be their son.

But God…..

A few days after his birth, they would get another call that would change their lives forever.

They were asked to come.

They were asked to take a little boy into their arms and call him son.

And they did.

With joy.

With gratitude.

With an every increasing understanding that the ways of the Lord are good and perfect.

And the stories He weaves are wrought with both joy and pain because through it all He builds more of Himself in us.


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Congratulations Joshua and Mary Beth!

July 7, 2014

In a moment. A breathe. Life.

A destiny comes alive.



A little girl becomes a daughter.

A man and a woman choose to become father and mother.



A blonde haired, blue-eyed beauty, becomes a sister with joy in her smile.

A dark eyed, raven haired tiny wonder will be loved and cherished forever.



In February, as a Valentine’s Day gift to themselves, Joshua and Mary Beth started working with me.

Their hearts were flung wide open to whatever God had for their family.

On May 20th, they were MATCHED. An amazing woman looked at their profile and said, “Their life is obviously faith based and it is obvious that the two of them share a great love. I love how they met! I also love how they keep in contact with their other child’s birth mom and how they speak of her with such love and honor. I am 100% sure of them. I would like to talk to them this week.”

And that is how a match is made.

And this little wonder was born on July 3rd. Another fast adoption!

And this is what Mary Beth shared about the amazing woman who gave their daughter the gift of life, “We love E’s birth mom. She is brave and strong. She had one goal in mind from the the very beginning – to give her daughter a bright future no matter how hard it would be on her. She was determined and made selfless decisions that have changed the course of E’s life. When we talked to her over the phone for the first time, Josh and I quickly decided that our mission during this whole process was to give her as much love and support along the way as we could. We watched a young girl walk this road before, and we knew the mountain of emotion and pain that birth mom would have to climb and we wanted to walk right along side of her the whole way.”

Mary Beth has given me permission to share the full story from her own personal blog, feel free to pop over to “Be Joyful In All Things”.


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Congratulations Adam and Karen!!!

July 7, 2014


photo 1


Adam and Karen started working with me in November.

They began applying to agencies in March.

On June 18th they were put out a YES to a baby who was due July 17th.

Their YES was met with a YES and they were MATCHED.

They started getting ready to welcome this little one into their family and began to build a relationship with the birthmom.

This little man decided to come a couple of weeks early they now happily reveling in life as a family!

SOMETIMES ADOPTION HAPPENS VERY QUICKLY!! Officially matched on Saturday, met on Thursday, baby was born that Tuesday!!

So happy for this precious little family!


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Congratulations David and Amber

July 3, 2014




It’s TORNADO SEASON and many adoptions happen much like a WHIRLWIND!

Everything is still and quiet and then BAM, it changes in a moment.

David and Amber started with CAC in mid-February, their home study was completed June 17th, and on June 26th they heard about a baby that needed a family. They said, “YES” and waited.

On Monday, they found out they were MATCHED, and that they had to get on a plane the next day because baby was on his way!

The social worker with the agency told them that she had maybe only seen such a strong, instant connection like that between an adoptive family and a birth family once before. She said she was just amazing by the connection!

They welcomed this little man, and the amazing woman who gave him the gift of life,  into their lives and nothing will ever be the same.

I am so honored to have been part of this family’s journey. They have walked through some incredible up’s and down’s in the past few days and they have surrendered the journey to the Lord with every step.

His ways are perfect and His plans are good!


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Congratulations C.J. and Andrea!!

June 30, 2014


A little boy was born. He needed a family to come quickly.

A beautiful couple received a call.

They said “yes”.

Their “yes” was met with a “Come now. Come get your son”.


They took him into their arms and called them their own.


They became his safe place.

It is a miracle every single time.

One God writes in the pages of history.


C.J. and Andrea contacted us in early April, by late May their home study was complete, and they put their applications in the mail on May 29th!

Last week, they were on vacation near the city where this little man was born.


They finished up their vacation and got home just in time to get AN AMAZING PHONE CALL that had them repacking and headed back to get him!

I can’t even imagine how much excitement there is at home right now, as these precious little ones wait for their new baby brother to come home!

Congratulations C.J. and Andrea! What a wild ride. So happy God was leading the charge!


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Guest Blog: “Brothers and Sisters, Smiles and Tears” By Sarah Kinnard

June 3, 2014

I’m so blessed to feature this beautiful blog by my client Sarah Kinnard, feel free to follow her at “goings, graces”


My children know what none their age should have to: that babies do not always move, and breathe, and cry, and come home from the hospital. It took them a while to grasp this. I remember, painfully, the day my daughter asked me why I was sad. I told her it was because I missed Simon. She tilted her head at me, small face alight with hope, and said, “But we can go to the hospital and see him, and then you’ll be happy again, right, Mom?” Once she announced cheerily that we would “go and get Simon in a few minutes.” And each time, many times over, I had to meet three pairs of shining, trustful, wistful eyes with the terrible finality of what we lost. Heaven is real, I believe, but it is a long time coming. My children know this.


I see that knowledge reflected in the way they treasure their new baby sister. They cherish her. I knew they would love any new baby we brought into our family—but there has been a special sweetness in watching them soak up every second of her babyhood. They want to talk to her; to pat her silken curls; to show her their toys. They sing her their own favorite lullabies and read her books, displaying the pictures for her perusal. Her big sister is anxious for Petunia to fix on a favorite color. They clamor to help me put her down for naps and wake her up afterwards. (Waking up, with three eager noisy friends peering into your bed, is easier than falling asleep). My children know that these delights are not guaranteed. They waited for this; it was stolen from them before; they don’t take it for granted now.


Baby Petunia does not replace Simon. That was no part of our intent in pursuing adoption—it would be horribly unfair to both children. They are each beloved in their own right, but the tragic loss of Simon deepens our gratitude for the treasure that is our sweet little Petunia. Counting her toes, catching her smile, stroking the curl of her ear: these things are even more precious because we know what it is like to miss them. And one of the things that touches my heart the most is watching my oldest three being big brothers and sister to this baby they longed to love.


My six-year-old, loose tooth sticking out of his smile, bends over the bouncy seat and croons to Petunia. “I’m watching over my baby,” he says, proudly.  My eight-year-old tells the baby all about baseball and asks if she likes the Cardinals (she’d better). He also reads books to her, displaying the pictures for her perusal and ending with a teaser for the chapter he’ll read tomorrow. My four-year-old keeps baby entertainment and endearments at the ready. I asked her to talk to Petunia for a few minutes and she darted to the bouncy seat, exclaiming, “Ohhhh, baby, I LOVE you, my little love! You’re so full of IDEAS!”


I watch all this with a joy that reminds me of the progress of a small spring stream, cool and life-giving, curling and bubbling among the rocks. It eases and softens my heart, touching me with hope. But loss also runs in that stream, and always will. I rejoice in Petunia and I miss Simon–not as a comparison, but as two facts that live together forever. I delight in my older children’s delight in their sister, and I grieve that they didn’t get to love on Simon, too. I wish we could have both babies, at once, but we can’t. Life is a tangle of sorrows and joys. Gladness is laced with the knowledge that many things are broken. I am very aware now that many of us walk wounded and scarred, with hurts this world will not see wholly healed.

I think of this as I post pictures of Petunia. I thought of it when I announced the incredible gift of her arrival. I know that some people may read about these joys from the thick of their own pain, and I know how alienating that can sometimes feel. In the wake of Simon’s death, I unsubscribed from a lot of blogs. I slipped away from social media. The view that those windows offered felt one-sided: all happiness and accomplishment while my own life had shrieked to a halt. The blogs I kept reading were those that captured a more complex and nuanced picture of the world. They rejoiced with an awareness that others might be hurting, and they mourned while acknowledging that was not the last word. And sometimes they just talked about books, or offered gluten-free muffin recipes, without making those things markers of a perfectly curated life.

IMG_8292I want to live, and write, with a tone that leaves room for darkness and light, laughter and tears, doubt and hope. I don’t want to be a person whose happiness makes the hurting feel excluded. Because I know what it feels like to receive the worst news in the world, and you don’t ever go back to being the same person who walked into that room. Even when I’m announcing good news, I remember. I know that there may be people reading who are still waiting for anything good to come from their own rubble. And there may be people reading whose wreckage is so recent that it isn’t yet time to even think about the future–to do anything but hurt. Sunny pictures of my children might be like wormwood. That’s okay; I get it. If I could say just one thing to every aching soul, it would be this: there is room for you. There is room for your experience, your pain, your response. You are not excluded; you don’t have to slink away and keep your hurt to yourself. The world is not reserved only for the children of good fortune. Your sorrow is part of what is common to man (and woman). There is room for you here, among friends and in books and music and art and the green, breathing world.

If you are hurting today, I wish for you a community where there is room for you. And if you are a person looking on, sadly and helplessly, at the sufferings of friends, I would say this: make room. Be a safe place. Let your loved ones know that their experience, whatever it is, is seen and not silenced. Bear it with them. Welcome them in, pain and all, ugly brokenness and all. Be that community for them.


These are just words on a page, but I hope they carry the flavor of that kind of community–the kind with room for the intertwined emotions of the human heart. I am learning to make that room in my own life day by day. I help small eager hands cradle a beloved baby sister, and I look into solemn eyes that only saw their baby brother once. We live with our tangle of sorrow and joy, smiles and tears, and try to make room for it all.

Photo credit: First image by the amazingly talented Katie Fenska. All other images mine.


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