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Congratulations, Adam and Audra!

September 12, 2014

(Posted by Adoption Consultant, Katie Fenska.)

God always is doing more behind the scenes than we know. His ways are often so mysterious but He is always at work. Adam and Audra’s adoption story is another example of His perfect plans unfolding in His perfect timing.

whole fam

My husband “just happened” to be talking with another pastor in the area and “just happened” to mention Christian Adoption Consultants. That pastor “just happened” to be Adam and Audra’s pastor and he “just happened” to pass along my contact info to them. In October last year, Audra and I got together to talk about life and adoption and in December they started with Tracie, planning to one day adopt a baby boy.

What they hoped would be a relatively quick homestudy process ended up taking more time than planned…it didn’t make sense and it wasn’t easy. But God was working behind the scenes. On July 16 they heard about a situation and that same day their homestudy was ready! They hadn’t originally intended on applying to this specific agency, but they decided to go ahead and apply with them and present. It seemed perfect! But it was not the child God had for them. It didn’t make sense, but God was working behind the scenes.

For the next couple weeks, Adam and Audra spent time really seeking God. He spoke very directly to their hearts about being open to whatever He had for them. And then they heard about another situation from the same agency. A little girl was going to be born soon. God’s ways are often mysterious, but He is always at work. They presented. They were chosen.


Almost a month after they had applied with the agency they never intended to apply with in the first place, their daughter was born!


His perfect plans unfolded in His perfect timing. And now, Adam and Audra look at their two beautiful daughters and see what God was doing behind the scenes all that time!

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Congratulations, Luke and Amy!

September 4, 2014


IMG_9848 Luke and Amy’s journey to their daughter has not been without difficulty. They made an international move in the middle of their adoption process that made things a bit slower and more challenging than usual.  But they were committed to adoption and did not give up. They held on to hope knowing that their child would be worth it.

Earlier this spring they were matched and then, three weeks before she was due, their beautiful daughter arrived!

IMG_9691Now, they confidently declare that she was absolutely worth it all!

IMG_9973Amy shared this about the deep love and appreciation they have for their daughter’s birthparents:

“I was able to spend 2 nights in the hospital with her birth mom–and it was one of the best and most difficult things I have ever done in my life.  Luke and I never thought we wanted an open adoption, but God was so clear in telling us to walk through this door.  I am so glad we did.  Our daughter’s birth parents are so sacrificial and love so extravagantly.  We are absolutely in awe of them and are excited to be a part of their lives for a long time. Adoption is bittersweet. And incredibly beautiful.


Luke and Amy even had the opportunity to go to church together with their daughter’s birthparents as well as her biological siblings! Love is powerfully on display in adoption…so beautiful, so miraculous, every single time.

(Written by Katie Fenska of Tracie’s team)

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Congratulations Rob and Jolene

August 15, 2014


Rob and Jolene began working with CAC in November. As the new year came, they were ready to apply to agencies and get the process of “waiting” underway. In May, they were matched with an expectant mom. Just minutes before I contacted them about the match, they had been having a heart-felt, some what emotional conversation, and were having doubts about whether adoption was really for them. Waiting is hard and emotional, and just in that moment of doubt, they received their YES.

This summer, Jolene was able to travel to meet this amazing, expectant mom and was even able to attend a doctors appointment with her.

Their daughter arrived into the world in late July!


A miracle indeed.

Loved by both her first family and her adoptive family.


A treasure indeed! 

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Congratulations Eddie and Anna

August 15, 2014




Every story longs to be told.

Every journey longs be lived.

This family put their feet to the journey, and watched as God told an amazing story through their lives.

PART_1407615703159_IMG951707A little boy was born.

His mother made a very brave decision because she believed that though she was not ready to be a parent, that her son’s life was a treasure. 


She reached out for help.


This precious family said yes to a whirlwind and rushed to meet their son.PART_1407615886174_IMG958342Adoption is complicated.

It is bittersweet.

It’s never the same story. But every story is deep and full. 

When Eddie and Anna contacted us in May, they knew it was time for them to get ready and they had dreams of a summer baby. Every time a possible situation came up they prayed and asked the Lord to lead the journey. 

I called Anna on August 2nd, and said, “Anna there’s a little boy. He needs a family. He’s already born and I need to know if you can travel tomorrow.” 

Within hours, Eddie and Anna had booked flights and were making childcare arrangements for their children.

Every story. Every single time. A miracle.


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Congratulations Matt and Liz

July 17, 2014

Liz and Matt

I’m so happy to congratulation Matt and Liz on the birth of their daughter!


Matt and Liz started with CAC in August of 2013. By the end of September their home study was completed, and in October they began the process of applying to agencies.

Several possible cases came up and they put their loving “yes” on the line a number of times.

In January, they were matched and have been eagerly waiting the birth of their daughter! They were able to build a relationship with their daughter’s birthmom and were even able to spend some time visiting her this spring.

They welcomed their daughter into the world last week and are celebrating the miracle of this precious life.

It is not often that we have families matched with a birthmom as early in her pregnancy as this one, but Matt and Liz felt a real connection and felt peace about this match.

They were blessed to build a relationship with their daughter’s birthmom and she was blessed to have their support during the majority of her pregnancy.

Today I celebrate the faithfulness of God with this beautiful family.

And there are two little munchkins at home eager to welcome home their baby sister!!


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Congratulations John and Meghan

July 13, 2014


In February, this amazing couple contacted us for help on their adoption journey. They were matched just a little over a month later.

But they would discover that being “matched” was more of a roller coaster than they had ever dreamed it would be.

In May, it appeared that this adoption would not happen.

So we began to consider other potential matches for this couple.

They were not matched.

Because God knew more than our human wisdom could begin to hold on to.

In late June, the child that they had hoped to adopt was born. They were not called to come as they had hoped and dreamed.

It appeared this child would not be their son.

But God…..

A few days after his birth, they would get another call that would change their lives forever.

They were asked to come.

They were asked to take a little boy into their arms and call him son.

And they did.

With joy.

With gratitude.

With an every increasing understanding that the ways of the Lord are good and perfect.

And the stories He weaves are wrought with both joy and pain because through it all He builds more of Himself in us.


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Congratulations Joshua and Mary Beth!

July 7, 2014

In a moment. A breathe. Life.

A destiny comes alive.



A little girl becomes a daughter.

A man and a woman choose to become father and mother.



A blonde haired, blue-eyed beauty, becomes a sister with joy in her smile.

A dark eyed, raven haired tiny wonder will be loved and cherished forever.



In February, as a Valentine’s Day gift to themselves, Joshua and Mary Beth started working with me.

Their hearts were flung wide open to whatever God had for their family.

On May 20th, they were MATCHED. An amazing woman looked at their profile and said, “Their life is obviously faith based and it is obvious that the two of them share a great love. I love how they met! I also love how they keep in contact with their other child’s birth mom and how they speak of her with such love and honor. I am 100% sure of them. I would like to talk to them this week.”

And that is how a match is made.

And this little wonder was born on July 3rd. Another fast adoption!

And this is what Mary Beth shared about the amazing woman who gave their daughter the gift of life, “We love E’s birth mom. She is brave and strong. She had one goal in mind from the the very beginning – to give her daughter a bright future no matter how hard it would be on her. She was determined and made selfless decisions that have changed the course of E’s life. When we talked to her over the phone for the first time, Josh and I quickly decided that our mission during this whole process was to give her as much love and support along the way as we could. We watched a young girl walk this road before, and we knew the mountain of emotion and pain that birth mom would have to climb and we wanted to walk right along side of her the whole way.”

Mary Beth has given me permission to share the full story from her own personal blog, feel free to pop over to “Be Joyful In All Things”.


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