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Congratulations, Mark and Amber!

November 3, 2014

(Posted by CAC teammate, Katie Fenska)

Mark and Amber came to Christian Adoption Consultants in May, already very worn from waiting. Nine years of waiting to become parents together and six months of that time spent waiting with a local agency where they were not having their profile shown. Understandably, they were tired and beginning to feel hopeless. But the God of hope was not done with their story.

Using our multi-agency approach, they started presenting their profile to expectant mothers, beginning to feel hope rise. And then, one month after signing on with CAC they got the call that they had been chosen!

For the next four months, Mark and Amber invested their very hearts in the man and woman who had chosen them…spending time with them, building a relationship with them, and praying for them. As is often the case with adoption, it was not without difficulty or tears. Waiting to be matched is a hard thing.  But sometimes the unknowns while you wait for that child to be born can be even more challenging.

Amber writes:

“As much as I trusted him, at times I was overcome with fear and doubt. “What if’s” crept in and I could barely put one foot in front of the other. It’s so easy to trust when you see the end picture but when adversity comes your way you question things. Thankfully, our God is so much bigger and more faithful than the what if’s and questions because he loves us, provides for us, and works for our good.”

Mark and Amber held on to the God of hope, believing that He was there with them. And then one day in September, their beautiful daughter was born.

Amber shares:

“I could write a book about the amazing providential things that occurred throughout our journey to know our daughter. I can still barely wrap my mind around it all. I am finally a Mommy and not just any Mommy, but a Mommy to an amazing child who God predestined and entrusted to us.  Oh how I have longed for that title, Praise God!”

Years of waiting. Countless prayers. And hope in a God that did not disappoint. Praise God indeed!

(Photos courtesy of Lizvette Wreath Photography)

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Congratulations, Matt and Laura

October 30, 2014

(Posted by CAC teammate, Katie Fenska)

Matt and Laura’s adoption journey has been a beautiful story of God’s faithfulness. They had some ideas about how they thought their story might unfold, but they were committed to being open to whatever plans God had for them. They wanted His way and not their own. And His ways, as they often are, were surprising and beautiful!

In February, Matt and Laura got started with Tracie and I got to know this sweet couple as I began working on their adoption profile book. Their gratitude towards God for adopting them into His family was so evident. And so was their desire to follow His leading in their adoption journey, whatever that looked like.
They were home-study ready near the end of June and then, less than a month later, they heard about a baby boy that would be born soon. His brave birthparents were making an adoption plan. It was a complicated situation and the details were different than what they’d envisioned…there would be sacrifice involved…a NICU stay…they would miss the first day of school for their other 4 littles ones. But Matt and Laura prayed and prayed, wanting to follow however God led. And He led them to put their “yes” on the table. They were chosen and less than a month later, their precious son was in their arms!

Laura spent many weeks away from home while they loved on their sweet son in the NICU. Adoption is not easy and the raw depth of emotions involved in a NICU stay can be so very difficult. But Matt and Laura clung to God’s faithfulness and knew that their son was worth it. Here are a couple of Laura’s texts to me in the long, hard days in the NICU:

“God is so faithful! God provides, and when we feel discouraged He gives us glimpses of His vast love for us if we are just willing to see them. It is just a long and hard process, but it’s what we have to go through to get this precious gift healthy and home!”

“I pray that through this journey Christ’s grace has shone through. I have surely been weak at times, but ultimately, because of God’s grace I see His beautiful love for me as His adopted child.”

“It has been amazing and beautiful and heart wrenching. I’m so thankful that God brought us on this journey.”

Matt and Laura, it has been such an honor to watch you follow God’s leading in your adoption journey. I am in awe of His perfect plans for your beautiful family!

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Happy National Adoption Month!!

October 27, 2014
It’s National Adoption Month!!
Fall is upon us and the end of the year is just around the corner. Maybe earlier in the year you told yourself there was something that was going to happen this year – you wanted to adopt.
Maybe you got busy. Maybe you didn’t know where to start. Whatever the case, there is still time to get the ball rolling in this calendar year, and we want to help by making it a more affordable!
Christian Adoption Consultants is offering a 10% discount on all it’s full service domestic consulting packages October 29th through November 7th. Any new families who sign on during that window will receive 10% off the full service package. (This discount does not apply to the Do It Yourself Program and may not be combined with any other discounts). We only offer discounts like this a few times a year – don’t miss out!
Our team is eager to help you walk through the entire adoption process!
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Congratulations, Bob and Angela!

September 21, 2014
Bob and Angela started with Christian Adoption Consultants in March and were eager to begin! Their home study was ready on June 2 and then they immediately got started applying with agencies.

They began putting their hearts on the line, presenting to potential situations and eagerly waiting for their “yes” to come. After dreaming for years about a baby, they were so ready for the difficult wait to be over.

And then, a little less than two months after they applied to agencies, they got the call that would change their lives forever. They were chosen and the baby was coming soon! About three weeks after that, the daughter that they had long dreamed of was finally in their arms. And she is truly their dream come true!

(Posted by CAC Adoption Consultant, Katie Fenska, of Tracie’s team.)
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Congratulations, Chris and Hannah!

September 15, 2014

In July, Chris and Hannah came back to pursue their second adoption through CAC.  (You can read about their first adoption here.) Their beautiful daughter was born last week!


The following is reposted from Hannah’s blog (with permission):


So one minute you’re sweeping the floors and the next you’re finding out you might have a baby.

Well, that was our Thursday night, anyway.

The agency called us about a baby girl that had been born the day before. I mean, normally with adoption, you have at least a few weeks to prepare. But she was already here!

At midnight we got the confirmation that her birth mom had picked us to be her family and we needed to be on a plane to Utah the next day. So that was the end of sleeping.

Do you know how much you can get done on a surge of adrenalin at midnight? I cleaned the bathroom while Chris contacted our friend to see if she could watch the kids. I packed clothes while Chris ran to Wal-Mart to get last minute essentials. I made TO DO lists while Chris booked a flight. I did laundry while Chris did the dishes.

And then we laid in bed, wide awake.

Because we were getting a baby in less than 24 hours. A BABY, people!

Since we were running on about 2 hours of sleep, the next day was crazy. I mean, with 3 kids staying at home, you don’t just pick up and leave. You write letters to the school, and try to have some food in the fridge and list out their schedule and how to make bottles. And you make sure all the school uniforms are clean. But no matter how much you plan, it turns out Enoch has no socks just as the weather turns cold.

Once we got through all that, flying wasn’t much better, because they decided to leave us sit on the Tarmac for an hour, LIKE THEY DIDN’T KNOW WE HAD A BABY TO MEET.

When we finally got to Utah (about 10:30 pm, Louisville time), we headed directly to the hospital. We walked into the nursery with our social worker. And there she was! Just laying in her little hospital crib, so tiny (6lbs, 12oz and 18in), waiting for us.

It was kind of surreal, because everyone was just talking all calm and normal and we were meeting our daughter.

We named her Phoebe Cheyanne Glory Davis. And she is our girl.

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Congratulations, Adam and Audra!

September 12, 2014

(Posted by Adoption Consultant, Katie Fenska.)

God always is doing more behind the scenes than we know. His ways are often so mysterious but He is always at work. Adam and Audra’s adoption story is another example of His perfect plans unfolding in His perfect timing.

whole fam

My husband “just happened” to be talking with another pastor in the area and “just happened” to mention Christian Adoption Consultants. That pastor “just happened” to be Adam and Audra’s pastor and he “just happened” to pass along my contact info to them. In October last year, Audra and I got together to talk about life and adoption and in December they started with Tracie, planning to one day adopt a baby boy.

What they hoped would be a relatively quick homestudy process ended up taking more time than planned…it didn’t make sense and it wasn’t easy. But God was working behind the scenes. On July 16 they heard about a situation and that same day their homestudy was ready! They hadn’t originally intended on applying to this specific agency, but they decided to go ahead and apply with them and present. It seemed perfect! But it was not the child God had for them. It didn’t make sense, but God was working behind the scenes.

For the next couple weeks, Adam and Audra spent time really seeking God. He spoke very directly to their hearts about being open to whatever He had for them. And then they heard about another situation from the same agency. A little girl was going to be born soon. God’s ways are often mysterious, but He is always at work. They presented. They were chosen.


Almost a month after they had applied with the agency they never intended to apply with in the first place, their daughter was born!


His perfect plans unfolded in His perfect timing. And now, Adam and Audra look at their two beautiful daughters and see what God was doing behind the scenes all that time!

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Congratulations, Luke and Amy!

September 4, 2014


IMG_9848 Luke and Amy’s journey to their daughter has not been without difficulty. They made an international move in the middle of their adoption process that made things a bit slower and more challenging than usual.  But they were committed to adoption and did not give up. They held on to hope knowing that their child would be worth it.

Earlier this spring they were matched and then, three weeks before she was due, their beautiful daughter arrived!

IMG_9691Now, they confidently declare that she was absolutely worth it all!

IMG_9973Amy shared this about the deep love and appreciation they have for their daughter’s birthparents:

“I was able to spend 2 nights in the hospital with her birth mom–and it was one of the best and most difficult things I have ever done in my life.  Luke and I never thought we wanted an open adoption, but God was so clear in telling us to walk through this door.  I am so glad we did.  Our daughter’s birth parents are so sacrificial and love so extravagantly.  We are absolutely in awe of them and are excited to be a part of their lives for a long time. Adoption is bittersweet. And incredibly beautiful.


Luke and Amy even had the opportunity to go to church together with their daughter’s birthparents as well as her biological siblings! Love is powerfully on display in adoption…so beautiful, so miraculous, every single time.

(Written by Katie Fenska of Tracie’s team)

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