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Congratulations Don and Mel

August 8, 2015

So happy to share about this beautiful family who worked with Katie Fenska and I on their adoption journey.

This post is being shared from Katie’s Blog: Trusting God at Home. Thank you Katie for writing up this beautiful story!

I am just bursting with happiness for this sweet family who just finalized the adoption of their son! Watching them honor God throughout their adoption process was such an encouragement to my heart.

Don and Mel came to Christian Adoption Consultants in August of last year already very familiar with the ups and downs of adoption. They had experienced a heartbreaking international adoption journey that didn’t result in bringing a little one home. They knew all too well the reality that adoption can be a difficult rollercoaster ride of faith. And that is exactly what their domestic adoption journey has been. But oh, how God has shown His faithfulness in giving them peace along every turn!

They began presenting their profile in September 2014 and were quickly chosen that same month by an expectant mama due in January. Almost immediately the obstacles came. Difficultly accessing information, complex potential health issues for the baby, a complete change in some of the expectant parents’ preferences, a change in due date, confusing and foggy uncertainties that just kept coming and coming and coming. Mel and I had countless conversations about all of the unknowns.  Again and again we recounted what knew for sure in all of it: that God is trustworthy, that He is mighty, that He knows what He’s doing, that He is good. In the midst of unknowns, He poured out His peace on their hearts.

At one point, Mel called and let me know the latest turn in the story…they had just been informed that (due to some more unforeseen circumstances) someone else would likely now be adopting this child. There were many tears and we all felt shocked and frustrated. But God wasn’t surprised and He was not done with their story. Again they surrendered to Him and again He brought peace in the midst of unknowns. And what appeared to be the impossible suddenly became possible again. The other adoptive family was no longer wanting to move forward and once more, they were back to preparing for this baby’s birth.

When he arrived, they chose to give him a name that means “peace.” This boy’s life is a testimony to God’s love and care…a beautiful reminder that our Father always knows what He is doing, even when chaos swirls around us. God is our peace. I’m so thankful to have watched His peace reign in this family’s story.
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Congratulations Ryan and Ashleigh

July 27, 2015
Reposted with permission from Katie Fenska at Trusting God at Home
There is much beauty to be found in these gorgeous photos of Ryan and Ashleigh’s smiling adorable family. But there is an even greater beauty beyond the cute clothes and wide grins. These photographs whisper a story of faith that is far more stunning than any picture can convey. Here are some small glimpses of the beauty beyond the photos:
Fighting for Faith
Ryan and Ashleigh began their adoption journey with CAC in February 2014. In July they applied to agencies and the fight for faith quickly began. Incredibly stressful circumstances popped up out of nowhere and they wondered if they would be able to move forward as planned. It seemed pretty clear that the Enemy was hitting them on multiple sides, trying to shake their faith and halt their adoption. But they stood firm together, knowing that God had led them to adoption and He is victorious and mighty.
Fighting Together as One
Ryan and Ashleigh sought to honor God as a team throughout the process. It is easy to try and push your emotions and your desires on your spouse when you’re adopting…to make each decision a battleground instead of an opportunity to stand together as one. But Ryan and Ashleigh were committed to wrestling through the hardest parts of the journey as a team. I watched as they prayed together, sought counsel together, talked together, and waited before the Lord together for direction about whether or not to present time and time again. They wanted to love each other even when they didn’t see eye to eye. And God never failed to lead them.
Investing Their Hearts
After 3 months of presenting, the day they had been praying for finally arrived. They were chosen! They built a loving, gracious relationship with their daughter’s birth mama and committed to pouring out love on her. Two months later when it was time for their daughter to be born, Ryan and Ashleigh were awed to see how much their daughter’s birthmom loved them, too. She had even made them shirts that said, “Mom” and “Dad” and gave them to Ryan and Ashleigh to wear at the hospital!
The Beauty of A Daddy and Mommy’s Love
One of my favorite aspects of beauty beyond these pictures is found in the depth of emotion Ryan and Ashleigh feel towards their daughter. Ryan shared with me, “When we got home from the hospital she was ours. There was no difference…she felt like our biological children. There was no adjustment or transition phase of getting attached.” Ashleigh agrees, “Ryan is irrevocably beyond in love with her and so am I! It’s all worth it. The paperwork, the waiting, the money, time, etc… I could not imagine my life without my daughter.”
Ryan and Ashleigh, God has seen the beauty of your faith throughout this journey. And as a side note, I’m so grateful for the encouraging friend you’ve been to me throughout your adoption. I feel honored to have watched God be victorious in your story!
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Congratulations John and Linnea

May 11, 2015


(written and posted by Katie Fenska at Trusting God at Home)

I met this lovely couple over eight years ago and they live close by me so they have an extra special place in my heart! It’s been such an honor for me to serve their family on their adoption journey. Their story is one of faith and of beautiful surrender.

At the beginning of October 2013 John and Linnea got started with Tracie at Christian Adoption Consultants. They were so eager and ready to bring home a baby sister for their little ones. They hoped it would be a swift process, but God had other plans in mind.

Their home study wasn’t ready to go until April 2014. Then there were many difficult “no’s” and more waiting that simply did not make sense. Yet, they continued to fight for faith, praying for grace to lay down their own time-line and fighting to surrender to God’s good plans.

Then, after about seven months of presenting and waiting for God’s “yes,” their time finally came. Linnea shares more:

“When Gideon was going to fight the Midianites, God told him to reduce his army to just 300 men, so that he could know that it was God who won the victory, not the armies. When we presented our profile to our birth mother, I felt like God was telling me to reduce my armies, to send away the things I would like to control –  like what kind of genetics my child would have, what prenatal vitamins she would benefit from, what substances she would be protected from, what kind of nourishment she would enjoy. He was telling us to step out in faith and let Him fight the battle for our baby. We presented to a birth mother with significant challenges. We had a long match (4 months) to wait. Our armies were sent home, and God secured the victory. God answered our prayers with a beautiful healthy baby girl! We praise the Lord for His faithfulness in every detail of our adoption journey thus far, and we count on Him to lead and guide us in the coming years.”

God showed Himself victorious in their surrender, weaving a thousand details perfectly together to bring them their much loved daughter.

John and Linnea, my heart has been so encouraged by watching your faith and desire to live for His plan and not your own. You truly have walked out 2 Corinthians 5:15, “and he died for all, that those who live might no longer live for themselves but for him who for their sake died and was raised.” I’m excited to watch God’s good plans continue to unfold in the story of your precious little girl!

**Pictures taken by the incredibly talented and fun Misha Seger. **
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Considering Adoption? (consider using a Consultant while you’re at it!)

May 11, 2015
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Over the last nine years, hundreds of families have chosen Christian Adoption Consultants to help them on their journey to adopt. Our passionate and Christ-centered approach offers support and guidance to adoptive couples.  You do not have to embark on this journey alone, we are here to walk with you!
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Congratulations Whitney and Chelsea

January 8, 2015

If there was book detailing Whitney and Chelsea’s adoption stories, it’s pages would explode with breathtaking tales of God’s care and faithfulness. It would read of love, need, faith, and provision. It would lead you through vivid displays of God’s heart to knit families together.

Whitney and Chelsea watched God incredibly provide for them to adopt their son from Ethiopia in 2012. They brought home a sick, malnourished little boy and watched God transform him into a happy, healthy, loving, active son right before their very eyes. Whitney and Chelsea saw that God loves to care for children. Soon, they were ready to bring home another little one in need of a family.

In February 2013 they began working with me, this time hoping to adopt domestically. Katie and I loved getting to know this beautiful couple and their amazing faith and love through making their profile, praying for them, and supporting them through each step along their adoption journey!

After just completing an expensive international adoption they were very aware that God was going to have to show up big time financially to make another adoption happen. Under the section on their CAC application asking what their budget for this adoption was, they simply wrote, “Whatever the Lord provides.” They knew that they had a great need and they believed that their great God was able to meet it for the sake of a child.

In June their home-study had been updated and they began to learn about adoption situations. They also saved, applied for grants, held a puzzle fundraiser, and prayed for many expectant mothers along the way. The wait was not easy. (It never is!)

Then in October, they heard about a baby boy whose mother was making the courageous choice of adoption. They believed that God was leading them to present, but they knew they did not yet have all the funds they needs for the adoption fees. Still, they trusted, knowing that if this was the baby for them, then God would provide all that they needed.  And sure enough, they were chosen and He was ready to provide!

Now two beautiful brothers, born worlds away from one another, will grow up in this safe, loving Christian family together. They will grow up hearing again and again about the incredible God who powerfully made a way for them to come home.

We are so thankful to have been able to read some of the pages of this story as it’s unfolded.

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Congratulations Michael and Signe

January 5, 2015
Signe and Michael contacted us at the beginning of April after they’d been referred us by a friend. After several phone calls, they carefully considered the next steps God had for them in their journey to becoming parents. A little over a month later, they began with CAC. Michael and Signe are people that truly live their lives with hearts full of love.
They were homestudy ready near the end of August. Three months later, they were made aware of an expectant mom making an adoption plan who specifically wanted an adoptive couple in their home state. They prayed and they talked about it intently, asking God to lead them. Just before profiles were going to be presented, they felt the Lord give them peace to present. Hours later they got the call they had been praying for. She had chosen them!
And then, almost exactly nine months after that first inquiry they made to CAC, their daughter was born!
This little girl’s life has been covered in love…from the love that led her birthparents to give her the gift of life, to the love and prayers that Michael and Signe whispered for so long leading up to holding her in their arms…her life has forever been marked by love. God’s love is so powerfully and vividly displayed through the gift of adoption!
Right now is a great time to get started with Christian Adoption Consultants! Any new families who sign up between January 1 and 9will receive $100 off of our full service consulting packages (does not apply to our self serve consulting package, returning families or special needs consulting packages). If finances are all that is holding you back, maybe this is just the encouragement you need to make the first move towards the baby that God would place in your family. Contact me at for an info packet today! My team would love to help you on your journey!

Congratulations Paul and Michelle

January 5, 2015

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to what an expectant mom hopes for in an adoptive family. Many large families don’t pursue it simply because they assume they’ll never get chosen by an expectant mom. I’m so glad that Paul and Michelle didn’t let that potential fear have the last word in their adoption journey!

Paul and Michelle worked with me in 2009 and had a whirlwind adoption.  Then, in November 2013 they began with us again for their 2nd adoption. They started presenting their profile to expectant moms in June of 2014; they waited, they prayed, and they believed that God would bring about this adoption in His own perfect timing.  Just three months later they were matched!

They spent the next several months building a beautiful relationship with their baby’s birth mom. They flew down to get to know her better, supported her, encouraged her, and prayed for her every step of the way. They invested their very hearts and lives in loving her, believing that God had specifically called them to love and care for her, not just the baby she was carrying.  It’s one thing to love your child’s birth mom when the adoption has happened and the baby is in your arms. It’s another thing to love before that without guarantees. And that’s what they did.

Right before Thanksgiving, their beautiful daughter entered the world. As it often goes with adoption, there were some very difficult and uncertain moments. But Paul and Michelle were committed to loving, no matter what, even when it was hard. And now their family of eleven is at home soaking up new baby snuggles, their hearts forever connected to the woman whose sacrificial love gave their daughter a life filled with hope.

Right now is a great time to get started with Christian Adoption Consultants! Any new families who sign up between January 1 and 9 will receive $100 off of our full service consulting packages (does not apply to our self-serve consulting package, returning families or special needs consulting packages). If finances are all that is holding you back, maybe this is just the encouragement you need to make the first move towards the baby that God would place in your family. Contact me at for an info packet today. My team would be honored to help you on your journey!



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