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Happy 1st Birthday to My First Client’s Baby

May 24, 2009

Jeremiah is the son of my very first clients. He turned 1 year old only on April 16th. Jeremiah was born 10 weeks early. When I got a contact from an agency needing a family willing to accept a baby who was premature with a grade 4 brain bleed on his left side making him high-risk for cerebral palsy, blindness and deafness, oh and one that was willing walk through a lengthy hospital stay, I immediately thought of Dean and Chrystal. 
The kicker was that this agency was not a local one, this precious little boy was in Dean and Chrystal’s home town!
I had the honor of visiting this little one in the hospital when he was just a few days old. I remember looking at this tiny bundle who was swaddled up tight (about as big as a burrito) and marveling at the goodness of God. He was a precious miracle, a LIFE created by God, and he was being placed in an amazing family. 
To read more about how Jeremiah is doing today, visit his blog HERE!
Here’s a family picture taken this winter by my son Nicholas.

And here I am with Jeremiah at The Zoe Foundation Banquet (adoption fundraiser)
I love you, Jeremiah. Your life is so precious to me! 
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  1. *Peach* permalink
    September 7, 2009 8:33 pm

    I'm an adult adoptee who had a micro-preemie son four years ago. I'm glad this little guy is doing well. He is adorable.

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