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Congratulations Teri and Rachel

June 28, 2010

This couple has blown me away with their devotion to seeking the Lord through their entire adoption journey. They have said YES to being presented over and over, and have taken the blow of not being chosen with much trust and faith in the Lord’s plan for their lives. It is not easy to be turned down. It is easy to start thinking, “What is wrong with us?”  and then you start to analyze: “Are we too young? Are we too old? Do we have too many children?” The list goes on….. any of you who have been there know the questions that plague your mind.

The other day when I called Teri and Rachel about a very unusual adoption situations, one that due to some of the circumstances would have been difficult for some to say YES to, they said YES once again. And this time it was their child.

I’ve asked them, when life settles down to share a little more on their journey, so you can look for it to post here soon. But I know them well enough to know that at this very moment, they are rejoicing before the Lord over all the NO’s because this was the YES from the Lord for them.

I share all of that to encourage each of you who are waiting, to lean hard on the Lord and to trust His “No’s,” because ultimately each NO from the Lord is the kindness of His heart leading you to your perfect YES.

And now Teri and Rachel’s beautiful son! (And I promise to update with a family photo as soon as they have one to share!)

Teri and Rachel started with CAC in November of 2009, their home study was completed on April 1, 2010. As I mentioned they say YES to being presented to a number of situations, and when I called them on June 24th about a 3 week old baby boy, they said YES once more. By the evening of June 24th, Teri and Rachel were in the car driving all night to meet their son.
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  1. June 28, 2010 11:51 pm

    awwww, he’s beautiful! And you have been busy! Praising God with these families!!

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