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Congratulations Jason and Kara

July 17, 2010

Jason and Kara know the meaning of waiting on the Lord. They started the adoption process about a year ago and began saying YES to various adoption situations in the fall of ’09. I assure you Jason and Kara had an enormous YES in their hearts- they were wide open to any adoption situations that the Lord had for them. And still they waited. They said YES multiple times. They interceded for many birthmothers over the past year, and I know that their intercession bore much fruit. Lives were saved.

Certainly they faced many disappointments, but each time I watched them move forward trusting the Lord and leaning on His unfailing love.

At then end of March ’10, they were matched with a birthmother who was not due until the end of July. But they said YES and it typical Jason and Kara fashion, they intercede for her and supported her in prayer, with compassion and love for her and her unborn child.

On July 16th, their amazing son was born and welcomed into their loving arms.

Jason and Kara, Thank you for saying YES to LIFE. Thank you for your faithful season of intercession for birthmothers and the unborn. I know your journey is not over. You have walked this out with the true Spirit of Adoption and I am honored and blessed to call you friends.

Love, Tracie

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  1. July 19, 2010 10:24 pm

    Awww, he is precious, and I love the little pout! 🙂 Tracie, you are so busy all the time! It’s such a blessing to see you allowing God to use you as He joins families to His glory.

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