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Congratulations David and Kym

January 6, 2011

David and Kym started working with CAC in September and by late October they were home study ready and beginning the process of applying to agencies. They had made it clear to me from the very beginning that they were in this to provide a home for a baby that no one else wanted. They were open to a child of any race, any gender, and they were open to considering special needs adoption.

David and Kym have children. Seven to be precise, and baby makes eight! Once again proof that large families can adopt.

It seemed the moment David and Kym were “ready,” I had a significant number of “special needs” or “hard to place” situations. They were open to all of them. They said yes to a child who would be born with Down syndrome and inquired about several other special needs situations. Within a few weeks they were matched with a baby boy who was to be born with a chromosomal disorder. They traveled and arrived for the birth of this sweet boy, but a few days after his birth the birth mom changed her mind. Sounds like a tragedy doesn’t it?

Well, God is so much bigger and His ways are so much higher. I would like to let Kym share their journey in her own words though and allow you to see how as this family trusted the Lord, He led them to their son. HERE’S THEIR STORY!

Please keep Kym in prayer as she is out of state with their son and David has returned home to their family. Pray sweet baby boy is able to be discharged and home soon.

David and Kym,

It has been an honor to serve as your consultant. You have blessed me incredibly as you have walked out your journey with true, unconditional love for both babies and birth families. I am forever grateful that the Lord has brought you into my life. Congratulations on your beautiful son. Oh what great the love the Father has for this precious one to have gone to such great lengths to see you become his forever family.


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  1. January 28, 2011 6:24 am

    We are the ones who have been blessed beyond measure! This journey to Tyler has been a continuing “WOW” can you believe God is doing that kind of experience for us! This sweet little one is a true blessing from God and I am looking forward to the day when our family is together as one! Until then, I have been cared for and loved on by so many people joining in the journey.
    Thanks for your love and friendship,

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