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Congratulations Tyler and Hayley

January 22, 2011

Congratulation Tyler and Hayley on the birth of your lovely daughter. The Lord truly had this precious beauty chosen before time began to become your daughter. He is so good and so faithful.

Tyler and Hayley started with CAC in late March. They were matched in early January, and their daughter was born this week.

It has been my privilege to watch this precious couple walk out their journey. I have watched them remain committed to adoption, walking it out in such a godly, beautiful way, even when the journey was not always easy. They have remained faithful to say yes to LIFE over and over again, and have interceded for many birthmothers over the past months. Birthmothers who did not choose them, but had the blessing of their prayers during a time when they desperately needed it. They have reminded me by their words and their actions, that this walk called “adoption” requires complete trust in the Lord and believe that He does indeed have a good and perfect plan for our lives.

Tyler and Hayley are also one of three couples all meeting their precious little ones in the same city this week!


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