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Happy Birthday “E”

May 12, 2011

I love the days when I get little surprises in my inbox. Yesterday was one of those days! This sweet photo and the note that accompanied it were such a blessing and encouragement to my heart.

“E” is one today. I stand humble and amazed at the beauty of God’s perfect timing. Isn’t it just amazing how God answers prayers? We spent so much time praying and waiting for a “sign” that God was really listening….. and then it happened. Most of the time, answered prayers don’t happen like you think they should or even when you think they should. It happens when you least expect it to…. when you are surrounded by sadness and tears. When you feel totally helpless and confused. God answers prayers in His time…. not ours. And let me tell you, He has perfect timing. He knows when we have had enough. He knows when we just can’t take another step. He knows when to pick us up and carry us. He takes us to the edge and then He pulls us back to Him. He lines up people, places and things to show us that He is in charge. He knit “E” in her mother’s womb just for us and I praise Him for the miracle of LIFE! “E” is a constant reminder of God’s love. She is perfect!

I rambled a bit and didn’t mean to. I tend to do that!  I am thanking God for you today! Thank you for all that you did to get us to where we are today. God uses you in a mighty way!



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