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Sweet Little “M” and Her Friend “Z”

June 16, 2011

Guest post:

“I just have to explain why this pictures of “M” & her friend “Z”are so incredible to me. “Z’s” Mom, Katie, and I met when I worked at Maurices. That was not an easy time for me because all I wanted was to be a Mom, but God always has a purpose for where He places us. So, in walks Katie one day to buy clothes, but God had a different purpose! We began a friendship as two women desperatley wanting to be mothers, but believing and KNOWING God’s purpose was better than our own as we waited. And so, we prayed, and waited, and kept up with each other through Maurices. During the waiting time, Katie & her husband began journeying with our adoption consultant, Tracie Loux, as well!  See how God works?! I just get SO excited by Him!!! To make a long, amazing story short “Z” was born Feb. 2nd and “M” was born Feb. 4th! These little gifts are only 2 days apart!!!!! And, the Lord used Tracie mightily to bring these little ones to us! I could go on & on & on about how the Lord purposed for these events to unfold according to His intricate plan, but for now, I just want to share this photo!  THE GOODNESS OF THE LORD IS ASTOUNDING!!!!” – Adoptive Momma, Misty

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