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Congratulations Faron and Vera

July 11, 2011

I am beyond happy for this family and so excited to celebrate them as they welcome this little beauty into their home. Faron and Vera started with CAC over a year ago. They were home study ready in September of 2010 and began to apply to agencies. They said YES, over and over again, and had to walk the difficult journey of hearing NO too many times. I am so blessed at how they carried their hearts and trusted the Lord to bring this little one to them, in HIS perfect timing.

When this sweet little girl was about to enter the world, Faron and Vera got in the car and began their journey to greet her. As they approached the city where she was to be born, they got the call that is never easy for any adoptive family to receive. The birthmother had changed her mind and had decided to parent. Full of emotions that many of us will never understand, they turned around and headed home, empty handed.

Just a few weeks later, they got another phone call from the agency telling them something they never ever expected to hear: “The birthmother has changed her mind. She has signed all of the paperwork. Your daughter is now in the agency’s care. Come and get her!”

I am so happy to witness a happy ending to this families very up and down journey to adopt. Their hearts were so open and ready, and God has given them the desire of their heart!

Congratulations Faron, Vera and family!

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