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Special Situation: Hispanic Boy (7 years old)

November 2, 2011

Only homestudy ready families may inquire.
Fees will be around 18K.

At 5 years old, it was noted that he showed signs of
ADHD and PDD, with a sensory issue, and some motor skill delays. Since
then he has adjusted well with his social skills and even the PDD, sensory
issues, but still has some issues with anxiety/worrying/ADHD. He takes
medication daily for that which his mom reports has helped. He is well
above average in his intelligence and has done very well in school.

Adoptive Family would be expected to make 2 trips to Phoenix for a
transition and that the birthmom and her son would make one trip to the family
(at families expense) so that she could get him settled.

Many studies have shown that this is what is best for the child and that is our primary
concern. We all want him to be adjusted and not traumatized by this move
so that he can grow to be happy, well-adjusted adult. A little care and
planning here on the front end will go a long ways towards helping with
that. It is also expected the family will maintain an open adoption with
the mom, aunt and grandma that have been involved in his life. This would
involve emails, phone calls, pictures, Face book, and possibly, occasional
visits. Think of it like you would include your own parents or siblings if
they lived out of town. They might not be involved in everything but you
would certainly invite them and include them in the big things.

Email me at ONLY if you are STRONGLY open to this situation.

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