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Congratulations to Kevin and Sarah

January 4, 2012

Kevin and Sarah just welcomed a new son into their family! The handsome young man on Sarah’s lap is the newest member of the family. Here they are at the hotel waiting out ICPC. The woman who was watching their other children at home was able to bring the kids to meet their new brother for part of the time.

Kevin and Sarah started with CAC in July and it felt like their home study took forever! They were finally home study approved at the end of September.
Throughout the time of preparation, they remained open to whatever God had for their family in regards to adoption.

When I contacted them a few weeks ago, they said yes to being presented to an agency that was seeking to find a family for a 7 year old with Down syndrome. Just when it looked like another family would be adopting him, things shifted, and they were asked again if they would consider becoming his parents. They quickly and with much joy said YES! And the day after Christmas they met their son. What a gift!

I’m so blessed to have been part of this adoption and it fills my heart with more Joy than I can possibly express to see this little one in this arms of this dear family that we have know for years.

Here’s “J” with one of his Christmas gifts.

If the cover and title of this book intrigue you, you can find more out about it HERE. This book “Redemption” is the true story of the adoption of three of my precious nephews! It’s a gorgeous book with incredible illustrations, and a story worth reading over and over again! (Last I knew, if you entered coupon code ONEMORETHING for a 25% off discount)


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