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Congratulations Jason and Dawn

February 10, 2012

This beautiful family came to me on March 22, 2010 ready to pursue their EIGHTH adoption! They were matched on March 24th, just two days later! Yes, you heard that right! See their previous adoption story HERE!

When they approached me this past October ready for adoption NUMBER NINE, I was beyond thrilled to help them. This time they came to me saying, “We are ready for a special needs adoption, even an older child if needed….” Basically, their arms and their hearts were wide open to WHATEVER God had for them next! Several situations came up that were not the right match for them, but they said, “YES,” with Joy in their hearts.

Their profile was finished in December and in January, I was contacted about the need for a family to adopt a child with some significant special needs, a little boy who was 2 years old. The back story for the reason this adoption needed to take place was heart wrenching, and we needed a very special family to walk this out with unconditional, Christ-like love. Jason and Dawn did exactly that.

They walked this bitter-sweet journey with the kind of love that makes me honored to call them my friends. It was a lengthy process of loving and waiting until just this week when they welcomed their son home. We rejoice with them, and continue to pray for every heart involved in this adoption to experience the love and healing the comes only through Jesus.

Little Guy with his Mommy

Little Guy with his Daddy

Got Love? Yep, a whole table full of love for this little man!

Congratulations Wright Family! WE LOVE YOU!

For more information about our adoption consulting services or our Special Needs Adoption Program, please email me at 



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