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What Clients Have to Say….

April 17, 2012

“We knew we were out of our league!! It was overwhelming and I loved knowing that Tracie was watching out for us and praying for us, our child and for the birth-family.”- Josh and Katie

“We feel God placed Tracie’s name in our path more than once via searches in the adoption world online and via a recommendation from a large family who were able to adopt through her. I can’t imagine NOT having her walk along side us on this journey!”- Jobie and Stacia

“I thank God for Tracie! I am reminded of her each time I look into the faces of our two precious little ones that God brought to our family through her & CAC. When God led us to adopt, we didn’t know where to start. There is so much info out there, so many choices, that it felt a bit overwhelming. We first attempted a China adoption. After God closed that door to us, we experienced 2 failed placements in our home state. Grieving the loss of the babies we had to give back; feeling battered, broken, & confused, my husband & I gathered around the kitchen table with our 3 bio children & prayed, cried, & talked about what God was leading us to do. Honestly, I was ready to quit. I told my family that I didn’t think I could continue & didn’t want to put them through that again. My oldest son – 12 yr. old at the time – very softly said, ‘Mommy, God is the one who gave us the desire to give a child in need a family; it would be more glorifying to Him for us to continue than to quit’. Wow. So after much prayer & research, God led us to CAC. We were immediately impressed. Tracie taught us so much. She explained to us about “safe-states” and the different adoption laws. She guided us to reputable agencies & held our hand through the whole process. The profile she created for our family was absolutely gorgeous (and a huge stress reliever). She answered a zillion questions for us & kindly eased all my fears. I am soooo very thankful for her guidance! I wholeheartedly trust Tracie & value her advice. I have 2 beauties in my lap because of her help :-). “- Steven and Tiffany

“From Tracie’s very first email, I could tell that she did things very differently than what we’d experienced so far. She was SO fast with her responses, so peace-filled, so patient, and so obviously desiring God’s very best for us and our family. We had a lot of concern about corruption in the adoption world, as well as the dangers of some states, and so talking with Tracie was like a breath of fresh air. We’re loving the opportunity to work with Tracie and so relieved to know that she’ll be walking with us along every single step of this journey!”- Joshua and Katie

“After I talked to Tracie the first time, my husband and I were pretty sure this was the route we wanted to go. Adopting itself felt so daunting, so knowing we would have help and guidance through the process was very reassuring. Also, knowing how rapidly so many CAC adoptions take plus was a big bonus. The other agencies we looked at were giving us timeframes of 18-24 months (and sometimes that was the wait time AFTER the homestudy was completed). There were so many questions Tracie answered for us, we were so glad we signed with CAC! We also appreciated how positive Tracie is about adoption. We’ve since referred 3 friends to Tracie, and two adopted this past year and one is in process!”- Braeden and Christy

“We started out with CAC selfishly, as we wanted someone on our side! I work for an agency here in AZ and could have done it differently. We signed up with CAC because we had never done the “birthmom thing” (our other kiddos were adopted internationally), and we were scared out of our minds. We needed Tracie to talk us off the ledge a few times (and we only waited 26 days). Through the expeieince, we learned so much and Tracie helped prepare us for the amazing blessing of meeting our baby’s birth mom. We never could have imagined what transpired and will treasure those first few days forever. Tracie, and CAC helped prepare our hearts (and suitcases) for our new arrival and all the intricacies involved:) We will do it again in a heartbeat!!!!”- Bill and Molly

“We had always talked about using a midwife if we had biological children because we wanted someone who knew the ropes to help us through the whole process. For us, using Tracie is like having a midwife as an adoptive couple!!!” -David and Kiersten

“We did because we have no clue what we were doing…now weve been helped with so much more and found it worth every penny.” -Marty and Chelsea

I am blessed by the kind and heart felt words of some of my amazing clients. If you would like to talk more about how working with me as your consultant might help you on your adoption journey, please email me at 

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