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Why Use An Adoption Consultant?

April 17, 2012

6 years ago when we began to pursue adoption, the main thing that paralyzed me were the questions: “Where do we start?  Is this really going to take two years? and Where in the world am I going to come up with that kind of money?  I had never heard of an “adoption consultant” until friends of ours told us about Christian Adoption Consultants.

I’d like to give you a simple run down of why using an adoption consultant changed my whole view of what adopting a baby would be like!

Using an adoption consultant:
1. Provides added security, protection, and the peace of mind that comes by having someone watching out for your best interests.
2. Provides great resources on financing adoption.
3. Allows for a shorter wait time.
4. Directs clients to multiple agencies in “adoption friendly” states.
5. Answers all those little questions every step of the way.

Honestly, the reason I’m working now for Christian Adoption Consultants is because of the amazing experience that we had with them during our adoption; and because I truly want to help others walk through the journey of adoption with a sense of peace and joy!

I have been so blessed over the past 4 1/2 years to have helped dozens and dozens of families on their own adoption journeys, and I would love to talk to you about how working with a consultant could help you through your own journey.

Please feel free to email me for more information at

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