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Congratulations Bruce and Kim

April 25, 2012

Bruce and Kim started with CAC almost a year ago. Their home study took FOREVER, but they were finally home study ready by the end of the summer and began applying to agencies. They presented to a number of situations, had a very big disappointment in the fall, and continued to present again and again, with a huge yes in their hearts each time. Then in February they were MATCHED and waiting the birth of their son.

They were blessed to develop a beautiful relationship with their birth mom prior to delivery, and I loved hearing updates and watching them walk out their journey with the Love of Christ in their words and actions.  A few days ago their beautiful son was born. They were able to be part of the delivery and truly surround their birth mom and their son with love and support every step of the way.

I can hardly wait to share these photos!

Absolutely, perfectly beautiful Baby “T”

Momma Kim, just glowing!

Proud Daddy, Bruce!

Big Sister, totally in love! (and the family photographer, I should mention! Great photos, Emma)

Big Brother!

Another really happy Big Brother!

And this my friends, makes me so happy! (Even if little man is not as happy as his shirt proclaims!)

This my sweet little friend “E” holding his brand new little friend “T”.

Baby “E’s” parents Sean and Cate told baby “T’s” parents to call me when they were talking about starting the adoption process, and now these two little boys are part of amazing families who love each other and they will grow to be best buddies I am sure! (Here’s one of Cate’s posts where she shares how she started working with CAC and how her friend Kim, came to work with CAC too)

I love my job!

If you’d like more information about working with me as your adoption consultant, please email me at

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