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Congratulations Ernie and Jennifer

May 11, 2012

Ernie and Jennifer started with CAC in January of this year, ready for a domestic adoption this time. They are no strangers to adoption by any means! Here’s their family just a few months before their baby girl joined their family!

Ernie and Jennifer were wide open to whatever the Lord had for them in their next adoption, and start the process of updating their home study, getting things together for me to create their family profile, and filling out applications to the agencies we work with, as well as preparing for a possible special needs adoption, if that’s what God had for them.

As is the case from time to time, a situation came up before I was even finished with their profile. So between Jennifer and I, we whipped something together for the agency to show to the birth mom. Their family was chosen!  It was March when they first heard about this situation of a little girl who was born with the same medical condition as one of their other children, and a few days ago, they welcome this little angel into their family!

I’m so happy for this beautiful family!

If you would like more information about how working with a consultant can help you on your adoption journey, including special needs adoptions, please email me at 

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