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Congratulations Christian and Brittan

June 28, 2012

Christian and Brittan started with CAC in late September, by January their home study was complete and they began applying to agencies in January. They said yes over and over again, and were blessed to pray for many birth moms over the months to come. They carried their hearts with loving kindness and faithfulness, even when the answer was “no, not this time.”

Just a few days ago, they said, “yes,” again, and this time the answer was, “Yes, come get your son, he will be born on Tuesday!” With just 24 hours to prepare, they hopped on a plane this past Monday and welcomed their son into the world on Tuesday. They were able to love and bless this precious birth mom who chose the gift of LIFE for her child.

Adoption runs in the family with this sweet couple. Brittan’s parents Denny and Mindy have adopted three little girls over the past few years. I cannot wait to see a picture of this little guy with his three beautiful, but tiny aunts! I am so blessed by this precious family and have been honored to be part of their lives in this way.

Welcome Little One, we love you!

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