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Are You Ready?

July 16, 2012

I have been blessed to work with some of the most amazing families over the past 5 years, and I have decided that every Monday I would like to share a guest post with either an adoption story or encouragement from one of these amazing families.

Today’s beautiful post comes to you from one of my current clients whose family is just beginning their second adoption journey using our services. This beautiful story reflects lessons learned during their first adoption several years ago. 

Are you ready for the “phone call?” Our call came on November 2nd, 2009. A birthmother had viewed our profile and wanted to talk to us. We asked God to make us ready for this moment and give us the words to say, and we called Sara. She was sweet, shy, and seven weeks pregnant. And she was choosing us to be the parents of her unborn child.

Months passed and we grew to love this remarkable woman who knew selfless love deeper than I could have ever imagined. Together, we chose a name for our daughter. Selah Hope. Selah is a Hebrew word which is believed to mean pause and reflect. When we took time to pause and reflect, God continued to give all of us hope and we would not let fear of the unknown rob us of joy.

Sara asked us to come to the hospital to be there when Selah was born. So there we sat in the hospital room, playing Apples to Apples, trying to pass the time. As labor intensified Sara’s moans and tears were softened by the rhythmically droning machines in the room. On June 15th, 2010, Selah Hope was born at 1:57pm, weighing 5lbs, 6oz, measuring 18 ½ inches long, and strong as the dickens. I held Sara’s hand during the delivery, and Chris got to cut the umbilical cord. In a tiny warming room we introduced ourselves to our daughter. Chris spoke softly to her, “Selah, my name is Chris and I’m your daddy, this is Ashley and she’s your mommy. You have a dog named Emma, a cat named Tuey…” and I finished his sentence, “and you have a Savior named Jesus, and He’s your best friend.”

We had a special adoption ceremony before we all left the hospital two days later. Toward the end of the ceremony Sara laid Selah in our arms, as she heard the words of Scripture remind her that God knows how she feels because He too gave his child because of His great love. I placed a bracelet on her wrist, with Selah’s name engraved on it. Sara hugged us one last time and whispered in our ear “please take care of her.” It seemed an odd statement to us, we had wanted this so long we were going to take the best care of her anyone could ever imagine. Of course we would take care of Selah. But all Sara knew in that moment was that she wasn’t able to provide care, and she hoped we would.

Selah’s story is very special to us, but not just because she’s our beautiful, amazing daughter. No, I think it’s special because of what we have learned about God’s love for us by experiencing our love, and Sara’s love, for Selah. Ephesians 1:5 says, “Long long ago, God chose to adopt us into his family, through Christ Jesus.” We’re not alone in this whole adoption thing; we were alsoadopted, by the perfect Father!

Those words that Sara spoke to us before we left the hospital have stuck with me. “Take care of her.” God gave us His son and asked the same thing. We know humanity did not accept Jesus during his life on earth or his three year ministry term. But we can still take care of Jesus. We can treat His name, His story, the power in His coming, with care. Not forgetting it, or having it be just a part of our religious preferences. No, we can take care of Jesus by sharing His love with those around you. The fact that we are all adopted into God’s family through Christ Jesus is nothing to keep to yourself! To take care of Jesus we live the Great Commission, the great purpose in life, given to us by Jesus himself: Go and make disciples, go and tell other people about Jesus’ love. Take care of Jesus; don’t keep the power of His life, death, and resurrection to yourself. Take care of Jesus by sharing Him. Are you ready?

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