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Congratulations Michael and Sylvia

July 20, 2012

In May I was contacted by an agency to help find families for twin boys with DiGeorge’s syndrome. The birth family requested that they be placed in two separate homes, they felt this was best because of the boy’s differing medical needs. Two families were chosen. You may remember Nate and Alicia, who were chosen to adopt one of the boys. Michael and Sylvia were chosen to adopt the other boy. This little guy was still in the hospital at the time and they were waiting for a transfer to a children’s hospital in a nearby state for a very serious heart surgery.

He was transferred.


And his sweet Momma Sylvia is there with him now.


They are waiting on a date for heart surgery and I know they would appreciate your prayers as they care for their son and prepare for this big surgery.


I love that I was able to help with both of these adoptions and that these two adoptive families are now connected with each other.

Here is a picture of the boys before the adoptions.


Michael and Sylvia, Nate and Alicia, I am so honored that the Lord led us all to each other for the sake of these two precious lives. God is so good.

And we are praying for this precious little boy to be strong and for his heart repair to go well.


For more information about our special needs adoption program, please email me at 

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