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Guest Post Monday: “Why Use An Adoption Consultant?”

July 23, 2012

When my client Katie posted this on her blog, I was so honored by her kind remarks. (And no, I didn’t ask her to write this) For those of you considering working with me on your adoption, I thought it might be beneficial to hear from a client about the benefits of working with a consultant.

From Katie’s Blog:

“When we first started looking into domestic adoption, I emailed back and forth quite a bit with a friends who had used an adoption consultant to help them as they adopted their daughter. I remember quite vividly saying to Josh, “I just don’t get it. Why would you pay extra money in what’s already a super expensive process to use an adoption consultant? Doesn’t that sound kind of dumb?” It really didn’t make any sense to me.

But as time went on, we needed someone to answer about a billion questions that we had about domestic adoption. I didn’t want someone’s opinion. I didn’t want someone who just wanted me to hire them. I didn’t want some random info off of the internet. I wanted someone to talk to that actually knew what they were talking about! I wanted someone that would care about us as individuals and not just tell us to do domestic, but to help us as we thought through what God was calling us to. Enter, Tracie Loux of Christian Adoption Consultants.

Tracie is the consultant that had helped our friends adopt their daughter. I figured it wouldn’t hurt for me to shoot her an email. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was 9:30pm on a Saturday night, and questions were just weighing heavily on my mind and heart. I emailed Tracie and she responded within an hour (an extremely RARE thing in the adoption world), answering all my questions, sharing helpful thoughts and saying she’d love to talk with me on Monday. I was blown away by her care, her promptness in responding, and her desire to help.

After two months of emailing back and forth with Tracie, talking with friends and family, praying, and talking a lot with each other, Josh and I began to get some clarity about where God was directing us. We knew that He was leading us to pursue domestic adoption and we absolutely knew that we didn’t want to enter the process without Tracie’s help. So what changed? Why don’t I think it’s a dumb idea anymore to use an adoption consultant?

About a year ago, I thought that using an adoption consultant was just plain dumb. My thinking went something like this: Adoption is expensive and hiring a consultant is another expense. Why on earth would someone hire an adoption consultant? My thinking about adoption consultants has drastically changed. I went from thinking we’d never use one to not being able to imagine our adoption journey without one. Why? Here are some of the many reasons that we thank God for leading us to Tracie Loux of Christian Adoption Consultants.

1) Decreasing the Risks
Domestic adoption has some risks. It’s possible to lose a lot of money and experience a lot of heart ache if you connect with a birthmom who changes her mind and decides to parent. While all adoptions have risks, Tracie helps her clients sort through the level of risk involved with each situation and gives invaluable information to help adoptive parents make informed decisions in their adoption journey. She works primarily with “safe states” that are adoption friendly (vs. ones where you could bring a baby home for weeks and weeks and then a birthparent could still legally change their mind). She has strong relationships with various agencies and attorneys; she recommends reputable agencies that don’t charge unreasonable fees or ask you to take unreasonable risks.

2) Exposure to agencies and attorneys that really need adoptive families.
There are large excellent adoption agencies out there with hundreds of couples waiting to adopt domestically. Those agencies are doing great things and helping many children! But we have always longed to get connected with a baby that didn’t have tons of families in line waiting to adopt him/her. Tracie networks with adoption agencies and attorneys that are in need of adoptive families. It is not unusual for an agency or attorney to contact Tracie with an urgent situation of a baby already born in need of a family, of a birthmom that just decided to make an adoption plan and is due in a couple of weeks, or of a birthmom that doesn’t have any couples willing to adopt her baby. Out of the hundreds of agencies and attorneys out there, we certainly would not have known how to find which need more adoptive families. Tracie helps her clients apply to multiple reputable and upright places at once.

3) Significant decrease in wait time
Working with only one agency means that you are most likely one of many, many clients waiting in a long line to adopt. Some adoptive couples wait 2 years or more before they are matched with a birthmom. Because Tracie helps you find multiple good agencies and attorneys in need of adoptive families, the wait time when you’re working with her SIGNIFICANTLY decreases. As in, some of her clients are matched within days or weeks of applying to agencies.

4) Help from someone who is genuinely knowledgable AND really understands
Tracie and her husband, John, have adopted four of their seven children. She knows what it’s like to adopt because she’s been through the process multiple times. She is an incredible wealth of knowledge and information (which is great)! She’s helped TONS of couples adopt. But her knowledge is coupled with a heart that has experienced the joys and challenges of adoption. Because of that heart, she is extremely quick to respond to questions from her clients (no waiting weeks to hear from this lady!). Because of that heart, she prays regularly for her clients. Because of that heart, she is a constant encouragement and help to us.

5) Benefits that far exceed the cost
Yes, hiring an adoption consultant isn’t free. But in our opinion, the benefits to working with Tracie have far exceeded the cost (and we aren’t even matched with a birthmom yet). In the grand scheme of adoption expenses, it really isn’t a lot to hire someone who will make a priceless difference in your adoption journey. We’ve received extremely helpful answers to countless questions. We’ve been connected to wonderful attorneys and agencies. We’ve been encouraged, supported, and prayed for every single step of the way. And we’ve been blessed with having someone who is really on our side (much like a midwife who coaches you all through your pregnancy, labor, and delivery).

To be really honest, we are getting way more than we paid for with Tracie. And to think that I once thought that using an adoption consultant was ridiculous!

(If you have any questions for me about using an adoption consultant, I know that Tracie would love to hear from you. You won’t regret contacting her! You can find more information about Tracie, CAC, and their awesome summer discount by emailing her at )

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  1. Jamie permalink
    July 23, 2012 9:21 pm

    I totally agree 100%! I loved every minute with tracie! Most of all I knew I could trust her. 1- because she loves Jesus first and will guide you TOWARDS Him
    2- she has adopted herself so she understands!
    Just like my OB doctor, Tracie will always be a part of our story. And I would give her my limbs if she needed!
    It was a sweet experience for us and our family!!

  2. kjoyfarrell permalink
    August 9, 2013 3:07 pm

    Yes yes yes!!!! Agree 150%!!!!


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