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Congratulations David and Kiersten

August 1, 2012


I get all sorts of tearful over this sweet family that God put together so beautifully.

There are not even enough words to tell you how precious this couple is to me. Two years ago, I met sweet Kiersten when having dinner at the restaurant that she and David own miles away from my city. Then on November 16, 2011, about a year later, I got an email from her inquiring about our adoption services. Eventually we chatted on the phone and I told her, “I know you! I mean…. I’ve met you!” I reminded her of the time I had dinner with dear friends of theirs (my former clients Tyler and Hayley) at their restaurant! She politely acted like she might have remembered me, and we went on to chat about adoption. A few weeks later they started their journey with me as their consultant.

In March they were home study ready and began applying to agencies. A couple of months later they were matched with a situation that ended in disappointment. They leaned heavily on the strength of the Lord and continued to press forward knowing that God had good plans for them as a family. Just last week while on vacation, their plans were altered drastically when they were matched with a baby girl who is already born. They hopped on a plan and welcomed this precious beauty into their arms and into their arms.


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