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Congratulations Ben and Julie!

August 28, 2012


Ben and Julie started working with in September 2011. By February of 2012 they were home study ready and beginning the process of applying to agencies. They put their YES on the line many times, only to hear back “No, not this time.”  That phrase can become wearing on the waiting adoptive family’s heart, but they continued to believe that the Lord had them on this journey and had good plans for their lives.

At 10PM on Thursday night, the same day that Josh and Katie’s baby was born, I got an email from Julie saying, “We’ve been matched with a baby that was born today!”

Being the night owl that I am, I picked up the phone, called immediately, and helped walk Julie through the “hurry up and go” plans! Julie flew from one city and Ben from another city, where he was out of town on business, and they met up to welcome their baby girl less than 24 hours after receiving their big news!

I have a feeling that with this beauty in their arms, the past few months of waiting probably feels like a distant memory!

And honestly, if you think about it 6 months after being home study ready, with a baby in your arms, is not a long wait at all!

I’m so happy for this beautiful family!

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