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Congratulations Marcus and Brooke!

September 11, 2012

Sometimes a story requires a few extra words and sometimes it requires a few extra photos!

Lovely Momma Brooke!

Proud Daddy Marcus!

The Handsome Little Prince!

Two gorgeous big sisters with their little brother! Looks like little brother is going to be smothered in double the love!

The happy family on an unexpected, extended vacation!

Marcus and Brooke contacted  me in late April to start the adoption process with CAC. By the end of May, their profiles were in the mail on their way to agencies! They were matched in early July and their sweet son was born in early August.

Some unusual circumstances with the legal process surrounding their adoption has kept them away from home for longer than expected, but this sweet family has made the best of it- spending time with family, enjoying their new son, and using this opportunity to bless and love their birth mom. They have walked out this journey with the Love of Christ so evident in all that they have said and done! I am so honored and humbled to have been part of their journey!

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