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Congratulations Aaron, Johanna and Family!

December 13, 2012





Several months ago, my former clients Aaron and Johanna let me know that a young woman in their local community had connected with them to discuss a possible adoption plan for her child. This beautiful couple welcomed her into their hearts and into their lives. They cared for her and loved her, putting their hearts on the line because they believed that her life and the life within her were precious. 

They loved when it hurt. They loved not knowing the outcome. 


And several days ago a baby girl was born. They loved her before they knew her. And they loved the woman that gave her life. 

The loved well. 

And this beautiful woman asked them to be the parents, the forever family for her child. 

They said, “Yes.”


And so today, this little man (another precious gift), has received the gift of a sister.

Because of love.



It was a great big, miracle kind of love.

One family, loving a woman and her child. 

One woman, loving a child.

It is beautiful. It is heart wrenching. It is bittersweet.

It is adoption.

Life giving life. 

Life receiving life. 

Lives being changed forever.

Marked forever because of Love.


For more information on domestic adoption please email me at 


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