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Congratulations Brad and Sue

January 5, 2013

Brad and Sue had 5 boys.

Yep, 5 boys, 3 of them, a set of triplets. (Hold on to that thought, as I continue to tell their story!)

A year ago, they contacted me asking questions about adoption.

In February, they decided to move forward and start the adoption process.

In April, they were ready to start applying to agencies.

A lot happened in the coming months. Several possible adoption situations to consider, some hopeful moments, and some disapointments.

A pause in the process to move into a new home.

Then, in September, they called me about TWIN baby girls who were due in January in their local community.

They were hopeful. Excited. And they prayed!

They were matched!

They spent the coming months loving on their birth family, being blessed to attend doctor’s appointments, and become really connected to these precious baby girls early on!

On New Year’s Eve, the girls were born a few weeks early, as is typical with twins, and they are doing just great!


Daddy, Mommy and the darling baby girls!



Momma with her arms and her heart FULL OF LOVE!

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