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Congratulations Sean and Nikia

April 20, 2013

This story is pretty special to me, and I don’t think this sweet couple has any idea how deeply blessed I have been by their journey.

Sean and Nikia started working with me in May of 2012. That summer they began applying to agencies.

The waiting was hard. The journey seemed long. There were disappointments and even discouragement.

But in October they were matched. They had a long wait. Their little darling wasn’t due to April.

Shortly into the matched, the ultrasound showed that their little girl would have a cleft lip/pallette.

Nikia wrote to me and told me; and I have to admit, I expected the next sentence to be about their doubts or uncertainty about moving forward with the adoption.

But there was nothing like that at all. Nothing.

Just concern and love.


Just like the love you see in this mother’s eyes as she holds her precious miracle born just days ago.





This darling little princess takes my breath away. She is absolutely perfect!

She will have her first surgery in a few months, and another when she is a year old.

For more information about our services please email me a

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