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Congratulations Derek and Andrea

July 26, 2013

Derek and Andrea started with CAC exactly a year ago, July 2012. They were home study ready and ready to submit to agencies in October.
They walked through several months of saying Yes, and waiting for that YES back.
They journeyed through some very deep sadness and loss, and leaned on the Lord trusting Him to complete the plan He had for their lives.


And He did. On Sunday afternoon, a beautiful baby was born.

On Monday afternoon, Derek and Andrea’s, “YES” was echoed by another “YES”.

“YES, come get your daughter!”



Andrea got a plane Tuesday morning and was discharged from the hospital with this little beauty that same afternoon.



On Wednesday, Derek got a flight and was able to join her and meet his daughter.



In their words, “What a precious gift this little girl is to us.  We thank God for His blessing, provision and preparation.  He does indeed make a way where, in our vision, there seems to be no way.”

This little one will be headed home in a few days to meet her little brother.

I’m so excited for this beautiful family. It has been my honor to work with them and watch them trust the Lord with every step of this journey- even the hard ones.


For more information about our services please email me for an information packet at 


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