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Congratulations Scott and Cindy

September 5, 2013





Scott and Cindy started with CAC in May of 2012.  Over the next few months, they worked on their home study and I worked on their profile. Then they began the fund raising stage.

Preparation for adoption is not an easy journey and can be full of setbacks and discouragement. Scott and Cindy pressed through knowing their hearts and their home were open to welcoming another child, assuming it would be a baby!

In September of 2012 they were home study ready.

Almost immediately they inquired about a sibling group of three in need of a family.

It was a long process. They were matched, traveled to meet the children and were out of state longer than they had hoped.

They have been home now for several months waiting to finalized and FINALLY it is official.

They were unable to share family photos with us until now!

I am so thrilled to celebrate this family’s adoption.

They have loved well, even when it was hard, even when love was mixed with pain, and pain pushed back.

These children have a family.

God is so good!


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