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Congratulations AGAIN David and Kym

September 23, 2013



My beautiful friend Kym and her darling daughter.


Daddy and a few siblings welcome baby and Momma home!

This is the WHOLE beautiful family! And yes, Kym is an adoptee as well as their little man “T”. Read his story HERE. 

This picture was taken while they were preparing for who the Lord had next!



I adore Kym and I can’t tell her story without just using her words. She loves big. She loves well…. her whole family is a refection of the Love of Jesus in such a big way.

She had some beautiful moments with her sweet baby girls birth family at the hospital.

“Now that I am home, I look back and in EVERY moment, even the tough ones, I can see how God was ever present and I feel so blessed to be this little girl’s mom. Birth mom has texted and told me several times how glad she is that I am O’s mom. Priceless!

The day they called us and asked us to present, David and I were extremely scared of stepping off the cliff and saying yes to this baby. She has schizencephly, and there are so many unknowns. I knew a little from my friend Lisa who shared her journey, but not a lot…Tracie and I talked about saying yes and talking to God about the no. I know that if David and I had let our fear make the decision, we would not be O’s parents. And even though she is only 12 days old, I am so glad we shakily said yes! If you are nervous about a yes, pray! Step outside of your comfort zone and trust and ask God for the no if that is not your little one. In the last month we have had several no answers that all led us to this precious yes!”

I love you David and Kym and your whole beautiful family!
I’m honored to have been on this journey with you!

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