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Congratulations Chris and Hannah

November 1, 2013

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People say that “adoption is not for the faint of heart”…. they are not joking when they say that.

Adoption is hard.  It is beautiful. It is redemptive. It is bittersweet. And it is painful. It is love.

Brave birth mothers make choices to bring LIFE into the world when circumstances surrounding them are screaming out QUIT. DON’T DO IT!

But when they say YES to life in the midst of hardship there are times when making an adoption plan feels like the best thing they can do for their child.

And that my friends, is love. And it is hard.

When an adoptive family says YES on the other side of this complex story, their YES feels like it settles on shaky ground.

Most families who say YES are saying yes several weeks or even months before a baby is born.

And no adoption is a completed adoption until AFTER a baby is born and all legal documents are signed.

There are no guarantees.

In the mean time, adoptive families throw caution to the wind and LOVE BIG. They love when it feels hard. They love when it feels shaky and uncertain.

Is the part we don’t like to talk about. But it’s real.

We love the stories of happy endings. Babies with families.

But sometimes LOVING BIG means hurting deeply.

Sometimes a birthmom will change her mind.

It’s the thing every adoptive family is terrified of…. what happens if I say YES and LOVE BIG and then it falls apart.

Chris and Hannah said yes to the adoption process in December of 2012. By February, their home study was completed and by March they had applied to agencies.

This summer they were matched. And the birth mom decided to parent her child.

Let me assure you, NONE of my clients want to take a baby away from a woman who wants to parent her child.

But that doesn’t make it any less hard.

Because they LOVE BIG, it hurts BIG.

In early October, they were matched again.

This adoption ride was crazy enough to make a Lifetime movie! I jokingly told them a few days ago they should call a reality show and get some cameras over!

It was a wild ride, but they did it! They walked it out with BIG LOVE and lots of FAITH in the ONE who had led them.

And they have welcomed a son into their family.

I love this family. I’m honored to have been on this journey with them.

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