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So, How Old is TOO OLD to Adopt? guest post by Cindi Eggers

November 5, 2013

Yesterday I got an junk mail invite to a retirement planning dinner. I threw it in the trash. Retirement is not something that is part of our plans. Or at least not in the traditional sense of the word. We have children to love and serve for a very long time. They are our lives! They are our retirement plan. My friend Cindi offered to share this post here on my blog and I was thrilled to receive it.

John and I talk about the future. We dream. We laugh. We will be 60 when our youngest turns 18. And he will still need us to be his parents, his providers. We actually have three children who will “need” us well into their adulthood.

So how old is TOO old to adopt?


There we were…nearly 45 and 47 years old. Not quite Abraham and Sarah, but no “spring camels” either. Our children were 22, 18(bios), 7 and 5(adopted). Yes, a little of an age span. Family and friends had thought we’d pushed the age envelope even when we had decided to adopt our son Josiah, who was now 7. Then, when the adoption agency called about Chelsie, well we were a lost cause.

So, there I was that morning in Sacramento. Probably drinking coffee. The phone rings, it’s Bonnie from Bethany Christian Services. “Cindi, we were praying this morning over our situations. We have a sibling set, 1 year old and 3 year old. No one could think of any prospective parents that might take them. I said….”HEY, what about the Eggers, THEY’LL TAKE THEM!” “Yes, Bonnie, I told you that if you ever called us we would assume that meant it was from God.” Our hearts were awakened again to adoption…but…

“Cindi, the birthmom has changed her mind.” My heart sank. How could it miss someone I’d never met. I sat there speechless, giving myself the “God-knows-best” talk in my head. “But, would you consider another baby boy that will be born soon?” WHAT?! YES!!!

So, as all expectant parents do, we started searching for a name. The “J” was a given. “God, who is this child? What do you have for him? Who will he be in YOU?” JOEL…the Lord is God, prophetic voice for the next generation, turning the hearts. ISAAC…he will laugh, the child of promise. This IS Joel…who is was from the beginning, who he is now, and who he will be.

Joel has been a joy from the start and continues to be each day! His laugh is contagious, often times bringing me to the point of tears and him to the point of barfing.So….will you be 60 when they’re 15?  Yes, but you would be 60 anyway! (sorry, it’s true)  Will it be a piece of cake? No, but it will be sweet!  Will it be worth it?  YES, YES, YES…forever!


For more information about adoption, regardless of your age or the size of your family, email me at 

10% discount applies through November 11th and 15% discount for our Minority Adoption Program through November 11th.


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