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Congratulations Roger and Angela

November 11, 2013






A month ago, Roger and Angela contacted me and were ready to move forward with their next adoption. We’ve been friends for a number of years and in April of 2010 when I called Angela about adopting a very special little man, they said yes and their lives were forever changes…. so was mine. (Scroll through that link, there are several posts that tell the story of Jonah’s adoption.)

Angela felt such an urgency that now was the time, so they got ready. They had their home study updated and I worked on their profile. And boom, they were matched with a baby that was already born who needed them. She is beautifully perfect and is their long awaited miracle.

And when this little beauty is able to go home, she will be welcomed and smoooooooshed and loved to pieces by this amazing family.

(Notice the tiny empty white dress in the front. It won’t be empty in the next family photo!)



“For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.”- Ps 100:5

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