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Congratulations Cory and Mariah

November 14, 2013



Cory and Mariah contacted me on July 31st of this year. On September 23rd, they were ready to apply to agencies and started sending out their applications and profiles. On October 1st they were told about a situation and agreed to have their profile presented. Three long days laster, they received that emotional phone call letting them know that they had been chosen.

On November 11th a beautiful baby was born. They are blessed to have an amazing relationship with their son’s birth family. They have loved well and I am so grateful to have been part of their journey.



And not one of my beautiful families takes for granted the love and sacrifice of each birth family who says YES to life and makes the incredibly heart wrenching decision to chose adoption for their child. This photo speaks what a million words would never express. It was taken just moments after a beautiful woman placed her child in the arms of another and trusted her to be a mother FOREVER.


This is the moment C’s birth mom gave him back to us for the final time…This is the moment right after I told her bye. This is the moment right after discharge and I hugged as we both cried and thanked God for allowing us to learn about one another. This is the moment C was placed in my arms forever.- Mariah

This is Love. This is Mercy. This is Grace. This is Strength and Weakness all rolled into one. This is Bittersweet and Beautiful. This is adoption.

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