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Congratulations Chris and Angela

December 2, 2013



Exactly one year ago, Chris and Angela contacted me about adoption. They had previously adopted internationally but knew that this next adoption was to be a domestic adoption.

I was thrilled to have them along for the ride! A journey like none other.

By January of 2013 they were home study ready and their profile was finished and ready to ship off to the agencies that we work with.

In February, they were matched with a local agency in their area. A few months later when they were anxiously awaiting the birth of this child, the birth mom made the decision to parent.

Any adoptive family faced with that huge, unexpected blow, needs time to process and adjust.

They took a little time.

And then this little man came into the picture.






I got a call about a baby boy who was already born. His birth parents had made the decision to chose adoption instead of having this little one enter foster care.

For a few days my email boy was full of emails titled Safe Haven Baby.

He needed a family.

And he found one.

With a handsome big brother who will surely teach him the tricks of the trade.


And two beautiful big sisters who will grow up to call him their very own.

Trust me I know. I’m a big sister and I remember what it was like to have that little brother of my very own.

Two little mommas right here!



So love grows. And sometimes there are storms in the midst of growth.

Sometimes the rains are hard and the weather is fierce.

But Love Grows.

And it is Beautiful.

And Safe.

This precious boy has truly found his Haven.


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