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Congratulations Darwin and Nicole

January 21, 2014

This is a post about becoming a family.

Finding a place to belong. To be loved.

To grow. To learn. To find hope.

It’s about two little boys becoming brothers.


Becoming friends.

Living life hand in hand.


Experiencing, Growing, and Becoming Strong, Brave Men Together.


It’s about a little boy learning what it means to be safe and feel cherished by a mother.


It’s about a little boy experiencing the delight of being loved by a strong father.


Darwin and Nicole came to me in April 2013 ready to start their adoption journey. By July they were ready to go. Their hearts were really open and they felt drawn to be available to adopting an older child. Several possible situations came up and they were ready with their YES, but waiting on Gods BIG YES!

And just before Christmas, they got their YES! The process for older child adoptions through agencies and attorneys can be as fast as “hurry get here tomorrow” or it can drag out several weeks. And for Darwin and Nicole it meant a little waiting til they were able to meet their son.

They are together now, loving life, and growing as a family!

God is good.

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