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Congratulations Slade and Elisabeth

April 14, 2014

Some days things seem so normal until suddenly they aren’t.

They shift and turn and you find yourself in the midst of something extraordinary.

On March 22nd at 6:28PM, I received a Facebook message from my friend Amanda.

She shared with me about a special baby boy that she was caring for and asked, “I could not help but think of you and wondered if you knew of a family that would be perfect for this special baby?”

In her own words:

“I told (birthmom) that we could not adopt, but that we would go get the baby and we would keep the baby until an adoptive family was found. Friday morning March 21 the social worker called me to ask if we were willing to take the baby. We agreed so she did an expedited home study, background checks and had custody given to my husband and myself by 2pm that day.

The DCS social workers were thankful the baby was not put into custody but could not imagine that there were families who would be interested. I think they believed we would had her baby indefinitely. After the 2pm meeting I drove to the hospital to meet this sweet baby. For seven months he had been there with nearly no visits.

My children begged me not to find a family too quickly! I was there 24 hours before I messaged you. All I could think was that this sweet baby had gone so long without a mommy and daddy and while we would love him and greatly enjoy him, there was a new mommy and daddy somewhere that did not need to miss another day without this baby!!!”



And so Amanda wrote to me and she welcomed this little one into her home.

I wrote back, “I promise to help! He is amazing!”

I started working on this case. Pulling information together and praying. I sent out some email inquiries to a few of my clients.

On March 23rd, 24 hours later I recieved this Facebook message out of the blue from my friend Elisabeth.

“I wanted to just put the bug in your ear that we updated our study for us several weeks ago, so we’re good to go…..we feel like littles with special needs are where God wants us for now. If you are seeking a family for a treasure that you think may be a good “fit” for us, we’d love to know more!”

Are you kidding me?

So they prayed. We all prayed.

And a few days later, I received this message from Elisabeth.

“Does sweet boy still need a family?!?!?!!!!! We would LOVE to have a chance to be that family!”

And so a family was born. Just like that.

Because one family said yes to love for moment, another family was given the chance to love for a lifetime.

And I am sure that two families have become friends forever through the loving on one precious gift.

I invite you to witness a miracle.

Mother meets son.

1012138_10201834100232462_8732366981637711170_n 1016955_10201834099912454_4401383147669840494_n

Brothers in Love


Big Sister Love


Tired Littles waiting out ICPC.


And the star of the show, Mr. Bright Eyes!



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  1. April 15, 2014 12:05 pm

    too precious 😉 welcome to your new family sunshine!

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