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Congratulations Deaon and Barb

May 8, 2014

Just stop for a minute and marvel at this!!

Almost 4 years ago, I was blessed to help Deaon and Barb on their first adoption!!

So it blesses my heart immeasurably to have helped them on adoption #2!



Such a MIRACLE, every time!!



Family time while waiting for clearance to travel home!


Deaon and Barb started their second journey with me on October 15th.

That same day I share with them about a birthmom who was looking for a family.

They were presented.

They were chosen!

Just like that.

Their little one arrived last week.

Here’s a little of their story in their words:

Our daughter was born on 4/24/14. We came down to be with the birthmother for delivery. Through the time spend with the birthmother and her family, we grew very fond of them. Shortly after we were released from the hospital, the storm came through the area that caused so much devastation. Our birthmother’s apartment was on the first floor, and was flooded with four feet of water. Her car was flooded also. She lost everything.

Through some connection with a local church we visited, we found they had Convoy of Hope and other ministries set up to help local families who had flood damage. Through messaging our birthmother got in contact with the church and got some supplies. Our home church is taking donation from the congregation and sending them to our birthmother later this week.

Thank you for all your prayers and support along the way.

If any of you feel like contributing to helping this amazing woman get back on her feet, please email me and I will help connect you.


For more information on our services please email my assistant Katie Fenska at 


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