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Congratulations David and Ashley

May 28, 2014


Ashley and I have worked together for a number of years as adoption professionals. This past fall, Ashley emailed me with a different request. She emailed asking me to serve as their adoption consultant.


David and Ashley started working with me in January. They were working steadily on their home study and I began working on their profile. Just last week, their home study was coming to a close and I had wrapped up the last minute changes on their profile when I got a text from Ashley last Friday saying,

“Tracie, It’s Ashley, a baby boy was just born and we’re headed to pick him up first thing in the morning. He will be discharged on MY BIRTHDAY!”

And a HAPPY BIRTHDAY it was!!!

This little man was officially their son!




I love that I was able to be part of David and Ashley’s journey. I love that “adoption professionals” are wise enough to know that working with a consultant is the best choice for their adoption journey!

And Ashley and I teased each other a bit the past few months because it may just be that “professionals” are the worst clients!!

Just kidding of course, Ashley! I’m overjoyed what the Lord has done in creating a family for you and David!


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