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Congratulations David and Amber

July 3, 2014




It’s TORNADO SEASON and many adoptions happen much like a WHIRLWIND!

Everything is still and quiet and then BAM, it changes in a moment.

David and Amber started with CAC in mid-February, their home study was completed June 17th, and on June 26th they heard about a baby that needed a family. They said, “YES” and waited.

On Monday, they found out they were MATCHED, and that they had to get on a plane the next day because baby was on his way!

The social worker with the agency told them that she had maybe only seen such a strong, instant connection like that between an adoptive family and a birth family once before. She said she was just amazing by the connection!

They welcomed this little man, and the amazing woman who gave him the gift of life,  into their lives and nothing will ever be the same.

I am so honored to have been part of this family’s journey. They have walked through some incredible up’s and down’s in the past few days and they have surrendered the journey to the Lord with every step.

His ways are perfect and His plans are good!


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