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Congratulations John and Meghan

July 13, 2014


In February, this amazing couple contacted us for help on their adoption journey. They were matched just a little over a month later.

But they would discover that being “matched” was more of a roller coaster than they had ever dreamed it would be.

In May, it appeared that this adoption would not happen.

So we began to consider other potential matches for this couple.

They were not matched.

Because God knew more than our human wisdom could begin to hold on to.

In late June, the child that they had hoped to adopt was born. They were not called to come as they had hoped and dreamed.

It appeared this child would not be their son.

But God…..

A few days after his birth, they would get another call that would change their lives forever.

They were asked to come.

They were asked to take a little boy into their arms and call him son.

And they did.

With joy.

With gratitude.

With an every increasing understanding that the ways of the Lord are good and perfect.

And the stories He weaves are wrought with both joy and pain because through it all He builds more of Himself in us.


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