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Congratulations Eddie and Anna

August 15, 2014




Every story longs to be told.

Every journey longs be lived.

This family put their feet to the journey, and watched as God told an amazing story through their lives.

PART_1407615703159_IMG951707A little boy was born.

His mother made a very brave decision because she believed that though she was not ready to be a parent, that her son’s life was a treasure. 


She reached out for help.


This precious family said yes to a whirlwind and rushed to meet their son.PART_1407615886174_IMG958342Adoption is complicated.

It is bittersweet.

It’s never the same story. But every story is deep and full. 

When Eddie and Anna contacted us in May, they knew it was time for them to get ready and they had dreams of a summer baby. Every time a possible situation came up they prayed and asked the Lord to lead the journey. 

I called Anna on August 2nd, and said, “Anna there’s a little boy. He needs a family. He’s already born and I need to know if you can travel tomorrow.” 

Within hours, Eddie and Anna had booked flights and were making childcare arrangements for their children.

Every story. Every single time. A miracle.


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