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Congratulations Whitney and Chelsea

January 8, 2015

If there was book detailing Whitney and Chelsea’s adoption stories, it’s pages would explode with breathtaking tales of God’s care and faithfulness. It would read of love, need, faith, and provision. It would lead you through vivid displays of God’s heart to knit families together.

Whitney and Chelsea watched God incredibly provide for them to adopt their son from Ethiopia in 2012. They brought home a sick, malnourished little boy and watched God transform him into a happy, healthy, loving, active son right before their very eyes. Whitney and Chelsea saw that God loves to care for children. Soon, they were ready to bring home another little one in need of a family.

In February 2013 they began working with me, this time hoping to adopt domestically. Katie and I loved getting to know this beautiful couple and their amazing faith and love through making their profile, praying for them, and supporting them through each step along their adoption journey!

After just completing an expensive international adoption they were very aware that God was going to have to show up big time financially to make another adoption happen. Under the section on their CAC application asking what their budget for this adoption was, they simply wrote, “Whatever the Lord provides.” They knew that they had a great need and they believed that their great God was able to meet it for the sake of a child.

In June their home-study had been updated and they began to learn about adoption situations. They also saved, applied for grants, held a puzzle fundraiser, and prayed for many expectant mothers along the way. The wait was not easy. (It never is!)

Then in October, they heard about a baby boy whose mother was making the courageous choice of adoption. They believed that God was leading them to present, but they knew they did not yet have all the funds they needs for the adoption fees. Still, they trusted, knowing that if this was the baby for them, then God would provide all that they needed.  And sure enough, they were chosen and He was ready to provide!

Now two beautiful brothers, born worlds away from one another, will grow up in this safe, loving Christian family together. They will grow up hearing again and again about the incredible God who powerfully made a way for them to come home.

We are so thankful to have been able to read some of the pages of this story as it’s unfolded.

Right now is a great time to get started with Christian Adoption Consultants! Any new families who sign up between January 1 and 9 will receive $100 off of our full service consulting packages (does not apply to our self serve consulting package, returning families or special needs consulting packages). If finances are all that is holding you back, maybe this is just the encouragement you need to make the first move towards the baby that God would place in your family. Contact me at for an info packet today! My team and I would love to help you!
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