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“We were so blessed to have Tracie Loux and Christian Adoption Consultants on our side during the adoption process. It was comforting to have someone who had gone through the process before us there to support our own process each step of the way. Tracie was very accessible and available whenever we had a question, frustration or fear to encourage us and pray for us. Often times she would contact us to offer support before we thought to contact her. There were several times while working with agencies that Tracie helped us “interpret” what was said – often helping us to see a completely different reality than what we had thought on our own. During the times when we felt most alone on this unique journey Tracie became the friend who was there for us. Her faith boosted ours. She was as professional as she was personal. I can’t imagine walking through our journey without her and the rest of the CAC team.”
Dean and Chrystal- Missouri

We are very satisfied clients of Christian Adoption Consultants. Tracie Loux was our consultant & EXTREMELY helpful in our adoption – she really goes above & beyond her duties in assisting her adoptive families. She truly has a heart for adoption & wants her families to have wonderful adoption experiences – – she will do everything within her power to make sure that you do.

Tracie was always available to answer any of my questions, was very understanding, patient, kind, compassionate, and gave us solid advice on the various situations that were presented to us. She is open and honest, willing to share helpful information, and do all of this with sweetness & humor! Her direction, guidance, and assistance were invaluable to us!! I feel certain that we would not have had the successful adoption that we were so blessed with had it not been for Tracie. Our adoption process was incredibly easier with her help and guidance. Our family had tried 2 other adoption agencies, had 3 failed placements, and was very disheartened before we found Christian Adoption Consultants. We would DEFINITELY recommend their service without hesitation. Our family often has the opportunity to talk with other adoptive families & friends; we always encourage them to start with Christian Adoption Consultants – we could have saved ourselves a LOT of heartache & wasted money if we had only started with CAC first.

We felt completely supported by Tracie & CAC. She truly cares about her adoptive families. Tracie & CAC are very efficient & effective, too. We were very pleased with the profiles she did for us & with the direction she gave us to reputable agencies who took very good care of us. We were matched with our daughter in less than 3 months!!!

I understand it is overwhelming in the beginning with so much information out there. I remember having that same feeling. I wish someone had told me to start with CAC. I’m so glad we found them when we did!! They are absolutely SUPER! They really took a lot of stress off of us & gave us the confidence to proceed. I have met so many people who have waited years for babies. I try to tell them that with CAC, they won’t wait years, only a few months (in some cases, only weeks! 🙂
Steve and Tiffany- KY

Tracie was a fantastic source of support throughout our adoption process. She answered our questions, no matter how many, and held our hand the entire way. We are so blessed to have met her!

John and Jackie- OH


“We knew we were out of our league!! It was overwhelming and I loved knowing that Tracie was watching out for us and praying for us, our child and for the birth-family.”- Josh and Katie


“After I talked to Tracie the first time, my husband and I were pretty sure this was the route we wanted to go. Adopting itself felt so daunting, so knowing we would have help and guidance through the process was very reassuring. Also, knowing how rapidly so many CAC adoptions take plus was a big bonus. The other agencies we looked at were giving us timeframes of 18-24 months (and sometimes that was the wait time AFTER the homestudy was completed). There were so many questions Tracie answered for us, we were so glad we signed with CAC! We also appreciated how positive Tracie is about adoption. We’ve since referred 3 friends to Tracie, and two adopted this past year and one is in process!”- Braeden and Christy

“We started out with CAC selfishly, as we wanted someone on our side! I work for an agency here in AZ and could have done it differently. We signed up with CAC because we had never done the “birthmom thing” (our other kiddos were adopted internationally), and we were scared out of our minds. We needed Tracie to talk us off the ledge a few times (and we only waited 26 days). Through the expeieince, we learned so much and Tracie helped prepare us for the amazing blessing of meeting our baby’s birth mom. We never could have imagined what transpired and will treasure those first few days forever. Tracie, and CAC helped prepare our hearts (and suitcases) for our new arrival and all the intricacies involved:) We will do it again in a heartbeat!!!!”- Bill and Molly

I am blessed by the kind and heart felt words of some of my amazing clients. If you would like to talk more about how working with me as your consultant might help you on your adoption journey, please email me at 

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